Whiskey as "Medicine" ? Ayurvedic Perspective on Healthy Conscious Drinking

Based on Dr. Sumit’s book, “Healthy Drinking Single Malt Whisk(e)y An Ayurvedic Doctor’s perspective” Available at:

Health and Alcohol, two diametrically opposite ends. Can they meet? Addiction is dependence, whether on tea, coffee, a person, or food. Dr Sumit elaborates on his experiments with single malt whisky and its influence on our health from the foundations of both modern research and Ayurveda, the world’s oldest medical science.

Being an Ayurveda practitioner for over 16 years, his study is derived from his clinical observations, medical research studies, and tracing the history of alcohol consumption and use across the world. He will share fascinating insights about single malt whisky and what is required for its healthy consumption. Connoisseurs of malt whisky, whisky enthusiasts, and even the casual drinker may find this work valuable to deepen their knowledge about single malt whisky and other spirits.

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BIO: Dr. Sumit Kesarkar is not your ordinary Ayurvedic doctor [BAMS} and Ph.D of medicinal plants. His clinical practice, healing and life is rooted in his very own experiences vs. books and courses. His desire and passion to document healing traditions of Ayurveda, Yoga, Alchemy, Tantra, and folk plant medicine led him to travel to “off the beaten paths” of the Himalayas and throughout India. Some of the physicians, traditional healers, hatha yogis, Aghori Tantra, and many other indigenous practioners he interacted with are his teachers. To find out more: www.drsumit.in; www.marmayog.in; www.nlam.in