This VAPE is Made Out of WOOD The VVILD V1 Review and Giveaway

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▶This VAPE is Made Out of WOOD The VVILD V1 Review and Giveaway. Since vaping is so popular nowadays I would say it is appropriate to talk about them. The VVILD V1 is really one of it’s kind. The Juul is still really common I am not sure why. It is overpriced and slowly dying because if the new laws. Buying a VVILD V1 or even a disposable pod system will save you money and costs.

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▶ I can’t believe how many options there are out there for Vapes. I decided to purchase the VVILD V1 to try it out.The VVILD V1 is an excellent device and actually is extremely affordable!

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▶The vape/ e-cigarette world has revolutionized the way we intake nicotine. With this vape review I am trying to help people save money on vapes especially JUUL’s which I find overpriced. VVILD V1 does the same job and is almost a half of the price. Picking a SMOK Nord and SMOK Novo 2 is also a choice that I highly recommend. Vaping is continuing to grow and soon the JUUL will be obsolete. Lets help people quit smoking and make better choices!

▶ Also keep in mind please use this responsibly and I don’t condone people under age to use these devices. Please only vape if you are of age in your respective countries!

▶The Camera I used is a “Canon Rebel M50” and used a basic “amazon tripod”. For audio, I also used a “Rode Video Micro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount” for my audio. I also used a “Zoom H1n recorder” with a “lavalier microphone” .I highly recommend all these for starting simple videos. For editing the video, I used a program called “TMPGEnc Mastering Works 6” and “Adobe Premiere Pro”.

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  1. Fumb Duck, I thank you for choosing me as the winner but honestly 5% nic salt is too much for me now. I'm down to 2/3%. Please forward my winning to someone else that would truly benefit from this device. I have three disposable pod kits with high nic and they are just sitting doing nothing.

    It would be selfish of me to accept just to have another device sit around doing nothing.

    Myself, I'm just here for the reviews and the conversations 👍

  2. Well my answer is to live your best life because you don’t know what’s going to happen next and to preserve when things go wrong. Be your best and don’t be afraid of being afraid

  3. My resolution is to not want to punch ignorant people in the face AS much…..I'm kidding. No but for real, I'm just trying to live life as best as I'm capable of and love myself.

  4. AYE first vid of 2020!

    EDIT: I don’t even vape but I love your charisma and personality. cheers to 2020!

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