Rincoe Tix vape pod mod open pod system. 3 step Variable Voltage. Review & How to. Exciting?

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Rincoe Tix Review, tutorial and how to. 3 step Variable Voltage kit. Open pod system with changeable coils rather than changing the whole pod.


Most of the mods reviewed here on the channel are available for sale on the website www.vapourettes.com at reasonable prices. Most are shipped with their original boxes, new coils, accessories, etc…
The website consists of the mods reviewed on here.

I am a proud vaper since it all started around 10 years ago, so i have a wealth of experience of the vaping world and what works and what does not.

I actually buy the items to review, critic and give my unbiased opinions. I’m not affiliated with any manufacturer and / or wholesaler so you get an honest opinion.

That is the purpose of creating this channel. To pass my opinions, tricks and my thoughts to you my fellow vapers.

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