RECHARGEABLE DISPOSABLE VAPE?!! Better than puff bar flow ?

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  1. I have followed you for awhile and purchased alot of the vapes you said were good ….. but I am learning youre videos are done with the first couple of hits …right out of the box. You have not given reviews of the product days or months later. Having followed you and trying your recommendations I have found that the overall experience of these vapes are not good. Especially the hype dual recharge which you said was amazing. I have to say if u vaped it for awhile u would have noticed it eventually had dead hit before a recharge and the flavor decreased over time. I think u are a great reviewer but I believe longevity in these devices are needed for a full and transparent review.

  2. Have anyone tried to recharge those?, My cousin gave me one and I'm refusing to throw it away just because the flavor Is over, what a waste of components. Making disposable devices on my opinion is a very irresponsable thing to do.

  3. Did you get these from the wholesale category? When I go on the soulvapor website it just brings me to this website called togoutlet and they don’t have any of the soul smile disposables. Even when I press store locator it brings me to that website

  4. Smoke Don! Don’t get the rona, I just found you and need to get in there!😆 I’m sick of worrying about fakes, half of mine won’t verify. I’ll strictly use The Smoke Don disposables when they’re available! Love your videos, they’re great, thanks for doing them!

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