How to Buy Juul/Puff Bar Underage Online!

This is a quick tutorial on HOW TO GET A JUUL/PUFF BAR ONLINE UNDERAGE! This is very easy and 100% works!

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  1. funny isn't …
    16yr olds can drive 3,000 pound machines
    17yr olds can kill people in the military
    18-20yr olds can get married, own property, run businesses, buy *GUNS*. . .
    but how DARE you try to buy some vape or no no juice before your 21

  2. I ordered my vapes, n I’ll let y’all know what type of packaging n all dat shit it comes in. Unfortunately I didn’t choose fast shipping like a dumbass so I have to wait 1-2 weeks

  3. I am 18, almost 19. my cousin is okay with me vaping (i live w her) but she just doesn’t want to buy it. i’m wondering if they like ID you at the door or if the package says anything about nicotine on it ?

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