How I Made $3000 in 3 Weeks SELLING VAPES!

In today’s video Niko talks about one of his first business ventures and how he made over $3000 selling vapes locally in under a month.

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  1. This guy is right lol. I am doing this right now and making 3,000 every other week lol. Just follow the trend with the vapes, know a lot of people, and grind.

  2. At school I pull 600$ a week from sellin puff bars get em for 2$ sell em for 10 my one customer pays like 70$ per puff bar

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  4. Hey, what's up!
    I'm from Brazil and vaping is getting viral here a time ago.
    I have an ideia for this and I need to talk with someone from North America, which have a better vision with how this work in there.
    Can you enter in contact with me to talk a bit more?

  5. Dhgate is a website for fake china copy’s. I have no problem you selling vapes but counterfeits can be deadly so you put them all at risk!

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