Ep. 19 – Everything You Need to Know About Tea

I sat down for tea with the founder of Brooklyn Tea, Alfonso “Tito” Wright (if you ever meet him, ask him how he got the nickname Tito.)

We had a great conversation in which I got to ask the off the cuff, real questions I’ve always had about tea, AND have them answered by a studied person.

There’s a ton of great information in this episode as we address types of teas and their benefits, the drive behind the founding of Brooklyn Tea, how their teas compare to others on the market, and there MAY be a mention of Albee Square Mall and the Kung-Fu movie vendor.

It’s a fun lesson tea that I think you’ll enjoy.



The Teas: Hojicha Caramel Pu-erh Sencha Better Body Oolong Kyoto Cherry Rose Sencha Sorrel hibiscus tea Cerasee “It cleans the blood” tea  

Other References: The White Lotus – Pai Mei Dr. William Li’s TED Talk – Can we starve cancer? The designer who developed the Brooklyn Tea packaging – Liqpix