Dinner Lady Disposable's 4 flavours 3 of them new

Today we look at Dinner Lady disposables, 4 flavours 3 of them new. So I start off with the one I didn’t get back in December yes Im talking one of my favourite flavours, Lemon Tart. As expected the Diner Lady Lemon Tart disposable lived up to expectations and was spot on. Now for the three new flavours, first up is Pink Berry I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one but had a pleasant surprise when it reminded me of Ribena but don’t forget taste is subjective and you may get something different. Next was Mango Ice, mango is a hard one as it either is or isn’t anything like there’s no in-between thankfully this was a good one, the cooling is very mild which made this a very nice vape with a nice cooling. Last up was the Fresh Menthol, I have a lot of problems with menthol vapes as they tend to be just to strong for me and start me off coughing this one was mild and a pleasure to vape it was cool and refreshing without feeling like I had been punched in the throat.
These disposables come with a 300mAh battery and around 1.2ml to 1.5ml pre-filled premium Dinner Lady e-liquid. They are easy to use and give around the equivalent of a pack of cigs,. Links are not allowed so use your googel-fu to head to the Dinner Lady website and use SV20 for 20% off any full price items on any order you put in.

All in all these disposables were very nice.
Dinner Lady Disposables was sent in free for the purpose of review. No money exchanged hands.

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