Best Pod Systems Under $25 January 2019

Ah yes the budget best! These are the ones you want if you are a baller on a budget but you still want something dope. If you are interested, look below:

#5 Smok SLM ($17.95)

#4 Voopoo Rota (21.99)

#3 Smoant S8 ($14.95)

#2 Smok Xforce ($14.95)

#1 Smok Nord ($24.95)

Below you will find all of our favorite juices and devices. If you are interested, please use the link below! 10% of what you spend will go to the channel and help us grow! (These links direct through our affiliate account which is why they look a little weird)

Here’s our favorite pod systems:
Smok Nord ($24.95):
Smok Novo ($15.99):
Smoant S8 ($15.95):

Here’s our favorite salt nic juices:
Melon Twist ($17.99/60ml):
VGOD Luscious ($14.99/30ml):
ORGNX Orange Ice ($17.99/30ml):

Now it’s time for some videos! Below you will find our playlists so you can find the content you want:

Sauce Reviews:

Device Reviews:

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  1. the nord looks good but the leaking is a huge problem and dont cry when the juice leaks into the device and breaks it like what happened to me

  2. You guys should do a full use video for the nord. How long will a coil last what salts are you using whole thing battery life. You guys have had it a while loved it a while. Tips and tricks

  3. That’s why I like Ryan hall videos bc they say how it hits and I can get an idea about a vape product before I buy it bc I’m not rich nor sponsored so if I get a shit devise I’m stuck and out of the money I do enjoy watching your guys content just maybe you can say how it hits is it restricted is it hard to hit never let none of these company’s control the truth or your opinions you dudes seem cool and honest I would just like to hear a little more details and confused why u had the smok slm as a buy very confused 🤷‍♂️ vape on an I’m not hating by any means. U guys do explain how it hits but I’ve bought some that u had reviewed and it didn’t hit like u said

  4. Seen another video about the slm and it’s shit why u guys even talking abt it confused thought u guys were honest bout ur content if that’s true u would’ve said it’s shit in that other video that guy showed the spit back no vapor just a shit vape 💨 man is confused I know ur doing a video about 25 an under

  5. Hey, for long-term refillable salt nic pods, affordable (cost) and durable (pod reliability) what do you recommend? I'm split between the Mi-Pod and the Suorin

  6. Btw keep up the good work. I know your channel doesnt get alot of views YET. But you guys do your series very professionally and if you stick at it, it will pay off no doubt. I see you guys getting alot of free vapes in the future 😉 dont forget about us OG fans ❤

  7. The only thing I care about is if it is draw to activate. It’s a mouth to lung. And the way it looks

  8. Washed my smoant last night.

    STILL WORKS (fuckin love it) but I got to looking at the pod and its 1.3 ohms.

    I know my voopoo panda has .8 and 1.4(1.2?) ohm pods.

    My question is can I use lower ohm pods for salt nic?

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