A Great Vape from a $7.99 Pod System? | NJOY ACE Review! | IndoorSmokers

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  1. Are any of you looking to buy an njoy? I can hook you up with the device and a pack of pods for $20. I only have original tobacco but it doesn't even taste that bad tbh. With all the websites requiring ID verification its been tough to find a reliable source (In my case its either complete fakes or scams) But I stole a whole box of them from a gas station about a month ago lol and I'll ship one if any of you want. I can only accept prepaid cards as payment since paypal trying to get my ssn.

  2. Does anyone want to inform them that they are hitting it wrong for high nic-salt vapes…… You can't mouth to lung, you just breath in.

  3. I just tried these NJOYS and thought whoah, what a great deal for a dollar! Then I tried the classic tobacco pods and at 1st thought not bad. Then later after the hype went down, realized how dudu they really taste, lol!

  4. its funny to think, these are experienced smokers… yet there's teens nowadays vaping on some 65 nic salts like its water

  5. Pickedup one for myself last night…. wow it does pack a punch. I got the watermelon twist and the flavor is satisfying. Overall, great little device to have. Thank you guys at IndoorSmokers!

  6. 1$ for the battery 6$ for the pods great starter system or something to pickup if you forgot yours at home etc. not my main but a great emergency vape available everywhere nationwide nearly so if you lose or forget yours out etc can stop at a gas station and grab one

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