$100 Vape vs $5 Vape

Expensive box mod vs a regular disposable stick. There is a device for everyone.
Pod King:

Expensive device reviewed vs the cheap $5 disposable stick. There is vape device for everyone. Small, big, or huge the vaping world offers more variety than any industry.



  1. Hello, brother, I am a professional e-cigarette manufacturer with good quality and low price. Do you have any opportunities for cooperation?

  2. I got the Smok RPM 40 I went off cigarettes with it 1 year off them because of it! I wanna get a box mod one day. I paid $45 for my smok but I love it! Also I am subscribed ! And I am never going back to cigarettes. So I can confirm at least for me it does work, it helps you with nicotine detox, but it’s probably not as bad for you. I am not so sure honestly. But I am glad I got rid of them. Thank you for the review, have you reviewed the switch disposable mods? I got 2 of them for $5 each not bad.

  3. Hey I love the Hyde disposable vape flavors. I recently switched over from disposable to a pod system and I’m looking for a juice that gives me the same flavor and ice cold hits from the disposable. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. I have a pink smok I was wondering if I could use the e liquid (fine e liquid juice) from my Boulder for it? Or would that be a bad idea? My nephew gave me a bottle of juice. I don’t have enough money for new juice right now. I probably have enough for a new pod. But I have two pods. I’ve got a boulder that is burnt as shit. But I don’t want to waste the juice. And I have two disposables. Also I just subscribed. Also how do you replace the coil in the smok? Are they super expensive ??

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