045: Creme Brulee or Cookies? – Creatives Get Real Podcast

This is not a video, it is a podcast. For those who want to listen while creating in the studio and are not sure how to access or follow a podcast…we are doing this for you!!

Roben-Marie and Sandi talk about their favorites in 25 categories. This light and frothy episode is meant for entertainment while you create, cook or unload the dishwasher yet again. Spend a little time getting to know them better.

Our Favorites Categories: Book, Dessert, Meal, Song, Best Vacation Ever, Getaway Place, Soap, Candle Scent, Potato Chips, Chocolate, Hot Drink/Cold Drink, Thing to Get in the Mail, TV Show Past/Present, Movie, Binge Worthy Guilty Pleasure, Perfume, YouTube Channel, Podcast, Purse Snack, Paint Color, Paper, Brush Brand, Online Art Store, Gift Shop and Inspirational Book.

The Creatives Get Real Podcast: Real Conversations About the Creative Life

Join us for mostly weekly episodes about what it’s like to live a creative, handmade, and online art life. We’ll talk frankly about the highs and lows of designing art pieces, product lines, and popular online classes while sharing it with the world. Roben-Marie Smith is a mixed media artist, instructor and creator of Maker’s Tech U membership site teaching tech to artists and hobbyists. Sandi Keene is a watercolor artist, online instructor and collaborative coach to artists and aspiring artists. Together they are friends sharing stories in the art studio.

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